Professional Alteration Service


We provide expert garment alterations. Our experienced and highly skilled team will be able to help with all garment issues including resizing, restyling and repairing. Lena London provides excellent quality of alterations with over 40 years experience and only using traditional perfected techniques. Working with womenswear, menswear, childrenswear and soft furnishing. 


We are able to provide specialised alteration requests such as bridalwear, fur, leather and heavily embelished garments; all of which require exceptional attention to detail, hand stitching and handling experience. 


Our standard turnaround time for most items is 7 working days. However, if you need it sooner, we can work around your schedule. We will need to look at what alterations need doing to the garment before setting the cost. If you would like to email over images and let us know what needs altering, we can provide you with a ballpark quotation.

Before Swarovski crystal embellishment application

After Swarovski crystal embellishment application

Weddding dress alteration: fitting bodice and shortening length

Weddding dress alteration: enlargement and rebeading

Weddding dress alteration: taking in at waist and hips

Weddding dress alteration: taking in back and shortening length

Tapering jeans

Repairs on delicate fabrics

Invisible hand repairs on knitted fabrics

Denim repairs

Embellished trimming handstitched to existing waistband

Embellished Tapering sleeves, shortening bodice and lining of a heavily laced dress

Hand mending on a finely woven scarf